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High quality materials that keep you dry, warm, well ventilated and comfortable, regardless of the weather, season or activity.

Materials for functional and stylish hunting clothes

What is important to consider when choosing materials for functional hunting clothes?

For functional hunting clothes, the choice of material is crucial to creating a garment that gives you a dry, warm and comfortable experience in nature, regardless of the weather and level of activity. For the highest quality hunting clothing, we choose quality materials with characteristics that are especially important for functional clothing, such as breathability, moisture transport and wear resistance.

For a windproof and waterproof hunting garment, breathability and moisture transport are key features. When we are active, our body secretes moisture to regulate temperature. If this moisture remains on the body, you may feel uncomfortably warm and then become cold when your activity ceases. To avoid this, a material or membrane is needed that keeps you dry from rain and snow and also dry within by transporting excess moisture away from the body. This way you will stay comfortable regardless of the intensity level of your activities. Chevalier uses materials with good moisture transport in garments such as jackets and pants.

Wear resistance is another key factor when it comes to the materials used in functional hunting clothing. The garments are subjected to harsh conditions, significant wear, friction and close contact with both thorn bushes and tree stumps. It is therefore important to choose materials that are durable and can withstand tough conditions. If you want a garment that is extra strong, there are, for example, pants that are reinforced with Kevlar.

What materials should I use to keep warm?

Staying warm is important when we spend many hours outdoors. In such conditions, materials such as wool or fleece have excellent heat-preserving properties. If you wear multiple layers comprising various thick materials and different body-like garments, you will be comfortable in the forest. We advocate the layer-on-layer principle for both the body and the feet. In severe cold, wear layer-on-layer, even on the hands.

What kind of materials does Chevalier use in its shirts and sweaters?

Shirts come in many different materials depending on their intended use. There are shirts in organic flannel, soft cotton, wool and fleece. Each kind of shirt is needed, depending on the activity and season. This also applies to our sweaters, which come in various wool materials such as thin merino wool and really warm and thick materials such as lambswool.

Finely processed leather is a very suitable material for belts, aprons and accessories.