Hunting clothes for children and juniors.
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Hunting clothes for children and juniors.

Chevalier's range of hunting clothing for children is carefully selected to be of the best quality and to enable the young hunters to dress with style and function.

What are the characteristics for hunting clothes for children?

The interest in hunting often begins with a common interest of the parents or grandparents. Then the children are allowed to discover the excitement of nature and widlife togeheter with the grown ups. The interest in hunting, nature and outdoor life increases every year among children We therefore want to ensure that all children have a wonderful experience in nature, regardless of season or weather. We have created a collection of hunting clothes for children and young people that includes:

Hunting pants for children:

We have started by developing a really comfortable and well-fitted pair of children's trousers for hunting and outdoor life. They are windproof and has an elastic waist for best comfort. Of course leg pockets are a must on a good pair of hunting pants for children.

Hunting shirt for children:

Of course you want a comfortable hunting shirt, preferably one that looks the same as dad or grandpa - we have fixed it! And it is stretchy and comfortable too.

Hunting jacket for children:

Here we have been thinking in a two-stage rocket. First you need a comfortable fleece jacket for children that can be used both as a mid layer when it is cold and all year round as a warm and cosy jacket. Then we added a padded children's vest in windproof and waterproof fabric that both works great with the fleece jacket for children but can also work nicely directly over a shirt when the weather is a little milder. So a smart combo is a padded children's vest in combination with a warm and comfortable children's fleece jacket. This combo means that you do not have to freeze and instead enjoy the hunting experience to the fullest.

How do you take care of hunting clothes for children?

The same rules still apply as for hunting clothes for adults, it is good to only air the garments if it has not become dirty and to otherwise wash gently. Follow the washing thread in the garment.