Wool blazers

Wool blazers

A wool blazer is easy to style according to different occasions and keeps you comfortably warm or cool depending on the time of year.


Is a wool blazer warm?

Wool is a lovely natural material that is still high-tech. It keeps you warm when needed but can also keep you cooler than many other materials if it's warm outside. Wool contains the natural fat lanolin, meaning dirt will not stick so easily to the fibers of the fabric. In this way, bad odors are effectively neutralized. A wool blazer does not need to be washed so often as there is usually enough air outdoors to remove bad odors.

How do I care for my wool blazer?

It would be a good idea to air it every now and then. That should be sufficient to freshen it up. If you get a stain on it, just wash it at this point. Avoid dry cleaning as this could wash out of the lanolin and then the wool fabric in the blazer could lose some of the softness that characterizes a high-quality wool blazer.

How do I style my wool blazer?

The advantage of such a blazer is that it goes with almost anything. With a shirt and tie, it becomes more formal and with a pair of chinos and a polo shirt it is more casual.