PU Jackets

PU Jackets

Durable and waterproof Jackets in PU material


What are PU jackets made of?

PU is an abbreviation for Polyurethane. PU is a soft plastic that is well-suited for use as a coating on woven or knitted textiles to create waterproof rainwear. The PU material is durable and relatively inexpensive, and it is free from environmentally harmful PFAS chemicals and PVC.

Unlike other rain jackets where the waterproof coating or membrane is on the inside of the garment, and the outer material requires a water-repellent surface treatment, the rain protection is outermost on a PU jacket. This means that the fabric does not need any additional water-repellent treatment. The seams of the PU jacket are welded together with heat to become waterproof, and the surface of PU jackets is very smooth, making water easily slide off.

How do I take care of a PU jacket?

To ensure that your PU rain jacket lasts as long as possible, remember to:

  • Hang it up immediately when you come home.
  • Do not leave it compressed in a backpack, bag, or pouch as it can cause permanent creases in the PU coating.
  • The material is easy to clean. Wipe away stains with a soft cloth or rinse off dirt and mud.
  • When the PU jacket is wet from rain or after washing, dry it at room temperature.
  • Turn it inside out so it dries faster.
  • Avoid drying PU jackets in a dryer or over a heater, as it dries out the material and causes it to age faster, which can lead to cracking.
  • Avoid exposing it to too much sunlight, especially during storage. If a PU jacket hangs near a window and is exposed to sunlight for a long time, the material will age faster. The fabric can fade, dry out and crack, or become sticky.