Fleece sweaters

Fleece sweaters

A high-performing fleece sweater is an excellent cornerstone in the wardrobe that provides both warmth and comfort. Fleece sweaters are robust and durable while effectively wicking moisture away from the skin.

Why are fleece sweaters so popular?

Fleece sweaters provide warmth in style, making them a very useful and popular clothing item. Fleece sweaters are durable and often equipped with pockets and features suitable for a range of outdoor activities such as hunting, dog training, hiking, fishing, birdwatching, and camping.

A fleece sweater is soft and warm and suitable for anyone with an active lifestyle. Chevalier produces functional fleece sweaters for hunting and outdoor activities that have an excellent fit, are comfortable, and stylishly designed.

Can I wear a fleece sweater as a mid-layer in winter?

Absolutely! Fleece sweaters are excellent as mid-layers. They keep you warm and allow for easy temperature regulation if you need to run or switch between more sedentary and more active activities.

All our fleece sweaters have been field-tested by hunters, fishermen, and dog handlers, both women and men, to develop them to perfection.