Hunting vests

Hunting vests

Classic hunting vests, and dog handler vests with reinforced shoulder sections that hold the rifle in place. Many and spacious pockets for cartridges and gadgets.

Hunting vests

What is a hunting vest?

A hunting vest is a very functional garment because when hunting, you often need to bring a lot of things out on passes or in the woods. A hunting vest is therefore equipped with many pockets that hold everything from gloves and leash to GPS or Thermos. It is often the number of pockets and smart features that distinguish a hunting vest from other vests.

Hunting vests from Chevalier often also have reinforcing fabric on the shoulders for extra durability as often wearing straps otherwise wear hard on the fabric right there.

A smart feature to wear on hunting vests is a two-way zipper so that you can open up both from above and below, partly to be able to ventilate heat if you sweat and partly to increase your mobility if you walk in slightly inaccessible terrain.

A hunting vest works excellently as a warming intermediate storage during colder seasons. And during the warmer part of the year, hunting vests work fantastically well just as they are with a thinner or thicker sweater or shirt underneath.

Should hunting vests be in warning color?

This depends entirely on the type of hunt you are going to conduct. If you are a dog handler, you definitely want hunting vests with a lot of orange in them so that you can be clearly seen in the forest. We also have a thinner hunting vest in orange that you can always have packed in your pocket or backpack to quickly put on the jacket or sweater to increase your visibility in the woods and on the ground.

But if you are on a pheasant hunt or similar, you do not need to have any orange parts on your hunting vest. Instead you can for example choose our Vintage vest that has all the features and also are windproof.

All chevalier's hunting vests have been tested in the field for many years by hunters, dog handlers and shooters with high demands on quality as well as function.