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Shirts in Slim fit & Contemporary fit

These are shirts that have a slightly more narrow fit to fit well under a knitted sweater or suit nicely to a pair of chinos.

What is a Slim fit shirt for men

Slim fit men's shirt on Chevalier has a normal, straight fit that with incisions in the back is made slightly more slim. It is slightly more figure-hugging around the waist but not tight. A Slim fit shirt from Chevalier fits extra well if you want to wear your shirt under a knitted sweater and do not want it to be too chubby. Slim fit men's shirts also go well with a pair of classic Chinos or jeans. Some of Chevalier's Slim fit shirts are made in a stretchy material for increased comfort.

What is Contemporary fit on a men's shirt

Contemporary fit is another word for just the kind of comfortable slim fit that Chevalier's shirts in this fit have. So a Normal, straight fit with a slightly more figure-hugging fit over the waist.