Shell sets

Shell sets

Shell sets are windproof and waterproof garments for hunting with different breathability and different types of ventilation.

Shell set

We hunters, dog people, horse people and all of us who like to stay outdoors regardless of weather or season know the importance of dressing properly to have a comfortable and wonderful day in nature. Through the layer-on-layer principle, you can quickly adapt your garment to the weather as well as to what activity you are going to do. A good shell stand is the main garment in dressing according to this principle. Then you top up with different second layers to regulate your body temperature according to the temperature and weather conditions.

Shell sets are waterproof and windproof.

The very definition of a shell set is that it should be the outer shell that keeps you dry and resists wind. All our shell set are therefore of course windproof and waterproof. Our shell sets always are produced with a membrane to keep you dry and comfortable.

Some shell sets are quiet and suitable for the hunt when you stalk and some shell sets have a warning color so that you can be seen better by your hunting companions and friends in the forest.

Shell set with good breathability

The membranes  in a shell set have different breathability, which means that it ventilates steam from your body to varying degrees so that you do not get damp from the inside and thus cold. A good shell set also has very good ventilation so that you can regulate body heat during the day with various zippers and functions.

Under the category shell stand, we have collected all our smart and well-designed shell sets. So that you get an overview and can easily choose which shell set to invest in.

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